At InwardStrong, we value creativity, originality, and respect for intellectual property rights. This Images Policy outlines our guidelines regarding the use of images on our website.

1. Image Sourcing

We strive to use images responsibly and ethically. Whenever possible, we source images from reputable platforms that offer licenses allowing for commercial or non-commercial use, such as Openverse and Pixabay. These platforms provide a wide selection of high-quality images that are available for use under various licenses, including Creative Commons licenses.

2. Licensing and Attribution

When using images from third-party sources, we adhere to the terms and conditions specified by the respective licenses. This may include providing appropriate attribution to the original creator, adhering to usage restrictions, and complying with any other requirements outlined in the license.

3. Original Content

We also create our own original images whenever possible. This ensures that we maintain full control over the content and avoid any potential copyright issues. Our original images are produced with the intent of enhancing the visual appeal of our website and complementing our written content.

4. Respect for Copyright

We respect the rights of copyright holders and do not knowingly infringe upon their intellectual property rights. If you believe that we have inadvertently used an image in violation of copyright law, please contact us immediately at, and we will take appropriate action to address the issue.

5. Reporting Copyright Violations

If you are a copyright holder and believe that your work has been used on our website without proper permission or attribution, please notify us immediately at We take copyright infringement seriously and will promptly investigate and address any valid claims.

6. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Images Policy, please contact us at We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.